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Solavei provides 4G nationwide wireless service with Unlimited Voice, Text, and a Data plan that is typically enough for over 90% of all users for only $39 a month.

Save Money on Pre-Paid Cell Phones and Cellular Service - No Contracts - No Credit Checks!

Capitalizing on the Pre-Paid Wireless Cell Phone Trend

Starting at launch, Solavei will offer the following best-in-class Android™ Smartphones, optimized by the power of the Solavei App.

HTC One S Smartphone
Available for $529
HTC Wildfire Smartphone
Available for $249
ZTE Origin

Available for $159
Your Current Phone
Available for Free

However, there is no need to buy a new phone. For a list of Approved unlocked GSM phones that will allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of Solavei's products and services - Click Here!

Cell Phones and Cellular Service are Home Business Trend Just Starting to Explode!

You Can Be a Part of This Mega-Trend and Ride This Wave!

As a Customer You Can Get Reduced or Even Free Cellular Service by Referring Others!

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Our Vision -to bring value to and improve the life and financial well-being of 100,000 lives especially small & home business people.

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